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Interactive Applications

"The Corridor" is a web-based master application where you pick-&-choose from hundreds of functions and add-ons, integrating your own information and creating a unique branded-company look.

(Both Mac and PC friendly!)



Create your own questions and learn what your client's needs and feedback! Effective and interactive way to provide them with benefits and gather vital information about your market's state of mind.

  • Custom questions and drop down fields for allowable answers
  • Enter email address in survey so coupon/offer can be emailed
  • When submit is clicked, back to home page
  • Banner for advertisement spot
  • Live reports
  • Database showing findings

Way Finding

Show your entire self and smooth traffic! Allow customers to search the different places that make your business unique. Upload maps and provide directions, products, and services. Avoid the eternal wandering around and help the client reach destination!

  • Make location map available
  • Show fast routes for specific indoor destinations
  • Allow to search businesses by name, categories, & more
  • Enable printing for store discounts, information, and reservations


On-site point of information about pricing, products, services, & more! Allow clients to review your entire inventory, exclusive seasonal releases, and offer ways to register for special offers while generating a vast customer database.

  • Offer clients full display of pictures, prices, and availability of products and services
  • Engage and create enthusiasm by adding minute-deals and reward points through surveys

Donation Station

Create awareness, share projects, and raise funds all in one place! Incorporate a donation box to your tablet enclosure and show others WHY your need their help.

  • Share ongoing projects and ways to help
  • Let people to register for newsletters
  • Enable links to volunteer for projects
  • Use add-on's to allow donations through PayPal

Employment Application

When things get hectic, don't turn down potential! Be able to create an on-site employment pre-application station. Make company information, job openings, and general information submission available only one touch away!

  • Have live job listings available
  • Allow people to pre-apply to specific job openings
  • Share company's policy & culture with others
  • Enable add-on to print application forms

and more...

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